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    Great sprayer

    By Paul on 09/16/2019

    It took several weeks for the unit to arrive, due to it not being a stocked item. I love the sprayer but had some issues with the pump leaking. Here are my issues and whether or not they were resolved. 1. Arrival time - Understandable due to item not being a warehoused item. 2. The boom/wand selector switch spewed tank contents when the pump was turned on. A good tightening of the screw that hold the switch fixed that leak. 3. The pump still spews tank contents (from the pump area) when the switch is in the wand position. I have not been able to fix this but all hoses are tight. I figured I'd have to jump through hoops to get this resolved ... so I just don't use the wand. 4. The pump sometimes runs normal, sometimes it sounds like it is over running...sometimes pulsates. Either way, I seem to get the correct pressure out of the nozzle so I'm assuming it is running at whatever speed necessary to keep the same pressure coming out. 5. This one is for the consumer to keep an eye on. Wash the tank after each use and make sure that the inline filter on the wand and the screen in the bottom of the tank are free of debris/sediment or whatever. This will cause the sprayer to lose pressure and you won't be efficient with your applications. Other than that, I'd like to see a way to remove the wand and its hose if you wish not to use it. When stowed away properly, it's not in the way of using the boom sprayer. I really like the product, but some fine tuning from the manufacturer is needed...specifically leaking at the pump when the pump is on.

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    Only 2 real issues but they're big ones!

    By Gil on 05/08/2020

    1. The hand wands point of contact to the pump is a plastic nipple that the wands hose slips over and clamps to. The first time you create any kind of stress to this connection it snaps clean off. 2. The battery when fully charged will not last long enough to empty the 12 gallons. In fact I'n able to spray about 9 gallons before having to recharge. Correct these 2 items and you have 5 star review and not the 2 I gave it.

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    A good investment

    By Richard on 05/27/2020

    I've had this sprayer for a year now and it is well made and very useful. My only negative comment is that I wish there was some kind of washout stopper at the bottom to make clean up easier. I have had to resort to tipping the thing over multiples after each use to fully rinse it out. However, I have ordered a battery powered siphon pump to help and otherwise just run both the boom and wand sprayers as the last stage of the rinse.

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Displaying 1 to 3 (of 3 reviews)