Customer Reviews for Chapin 4 Gallon 24V Rechargeable Backpack Sprayer (#63924)

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    This item is garbage

    By Brian on 07/02/2019

    I am now on my third 24 volt backpack sprayer period. They last about a week before they start malfunctioning.. first it starts that the pump doesn't kick off between engaging it to spray.. Followed by a couple days later it starts a streaming liquid out the bottom of the pump and sprayer through the battery and all over the back of whoever is using it period. This last one I exchanged lasted about three days.. I kept exchanging them because I couldn't get a refund but I am on my way to get a refund or I'm going to be thrown in jail. I can't believe they haven't had a recall on these things.. A quick Google search and I found out tons of people have the same exact problem

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    What is Going on

    By Jessie on 05/03/2018

    Thought this worked awesome until it died. Charged the battery and wouldn't work. Bought a new battery still nothing. Bought a fast charger nothing. They sent me a replacement and same thing. Worked great until it died after charging wont work again. What is going on

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    Good sprayer, cheap wand

    By Nelson on 06/08/2018

    Overall sprayer is good. I like the fan tip and good pumping volume as it makes job go quickly. Only complaint is that on a sprayer this pricy they put a plastic wand that can get broken easily. Would have been nice to have steel wand but overall I like it and would buy again.

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Displaying 1 to 3 (of 3 reviews)