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Chapin Premier 1 Gallon Sprayer

By DoMyOwn staff

Learn how to use the chapin premier 1 gallon sprayer

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Today we're going to take a look at the Chapin premier sprayer one gallon. So here we have the tank assembly the hose and wand assembly siphon tube spray wand and of course instructions you're going to take your spray wand and plug it into the end of the siphon tube as you push this in you're going to have to gently bend it inside the tube with this hand screw this on until it's tight so as soon as you screw on the spray hose with the siphon tube attached you'll notice that the spray handle is without the extension piece the extension can be added at any time. In order to add the extension you just screw off the tip here leave the cardboard washer and you add on your extension tip and you might want this extension tip if you're spraying baseboards or up high for soffits around the house and then youscrew this tip back on here and now you have a spray wand with an extension tip and this is a 12 inch extension tip. The Chapin trimming your sprayer also has a pressure relief valve this pressure relief valve is used in order to relieve the pressure that's pumped up in the tank should you need to open it to add more chemical or a whole new batch of chemical you may be down to one inch but there's still a lot of pressure tied up in the tank you simply take this and turn it and as you can hear the pressure relieves now it's safe to open this top up again just like so.

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