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Chapin Slide Pump Sprayer

By DoMyOwn staff

Chapin Slide Pump Sprayer

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Hi, I'm Michael with Do My Own Pest Control, and this is a product snapshot of the Chapin Side Pump Sprayer. A couple features of this particular sprayer is that it can shot 30 ft or more. A lot of our customers are looking for something that can hit high into the eves of their house, up near the gutterline, this is the type of sprayer that you need. It can siphon product out of any container, bucket, or gallon jug. It can also work itself up to 100 psi just from the pump action. We are going to demonstrate that to you today.
The slide pump sprayer comes pretty assembled in its packaging. All you do is take the top off, and that's what it looks like in the packaging. You're going to pull the sprayer out and it's actually ready to go just like this. This is the siphon, the end you will just drop into a  bucket or gallon jug, and this is the rod where you spray. And this just uses a pump action.  And, we're gonna go outside to show you how it works right now. 
Now that you have the Chapin Side Pump Sprayer Assembled, we're ready to see it in action. So, we have a bucket here. You should have already filled it with water and added the insecticide that you're going to spray. Then, you just stick the end of the Chapin slide Pump Sprayer in the bucket. And, you have to start pumping it for the siphon to work. Once you get some good suction in there you are ready to go! 
This roof line is about 23 ft high, and as you can tell the Chapin Slide Pump sprayer has no problem hitting that height. It can go up to 30 ft. when it is not windy outside. Now the Chapin Slide Pump sprayer is also excellent for treating large trees or large shrubs like this bush here.  It very simple you just take off this nozzle. This Slide Pump Sprayer comes with this extension which is curved so you can get underneath leaves and on top of trees and shrubs.  Put the nozzle back on the extension. You can adjust it, depending on what your needs are. So now you can spray the shrub evenly and get really high, you can even get inside the center or turn it upside down to get underneath leaves and shrubs that might be above your head. The Chapin Slide Pump sprayer.