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Chapin Sprayers are known for two things: quality and performance. We carry Chapin sprayers because they work well and are cost-effective, yet professional grade. These sprayers are used by professional exterminators and lawn care professionals all around the world because they are proven to outperform many competing brands. 

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A professional hand pump sprayer that features vinegar-resistant seals ideal to use on horticultural vinegar, giving an option of taking an organic approach in controlling weeds.

A Chapin sprayer is the perfect pesticide applicator for homeowners and professionals because they can be purchased in various sizes and with different levels of performance, depending on the application needs. For under $20 a homeowner can buy a simple 1 gallon pump sprayer and easily treat their home as needed. An average size (.25 acre lot) property would will take about 2-4 gallons of Talstar (or whatever you are using) for a general treatment. This means you will have to re-fill the 1 gallon sprayer a few times, but it’s really not difficult.

For those with larger properties, or those who don’t want to stop to make a new batch of insecticide, larger Chapin sprayers, including backpack and cart sprayers can be used.

DoMyOwn also carries the necessary Chapin sprayer parts for all repairs and replacement needs.

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