What is Chlorothalonil?
Chlorothalonil is first and foremost a broad spectrum fungicide , used to control fungi that prey on trees, vegetables, turf, small frutis, ornamentals, and other crops.  It also controls mold, mildew, algae, bacteria, and fruit rots in cranberry bogs. In addition, chlorothalonil has uses as a pesticide pest control  agent, wood protectant and acaricide.

Mode of Action
Chlorothalonil products reacts with fungi enzyme systems in a way that ultimately leads to cell death.

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A professional fungicide with a long-residual contact for a variety of plant diseases on commercial golf courses, cool and warm-season grasses, ornamental landscapes and conifers.
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A professional dry flowable fungicide that provides preventive disease control for ornamentals and cool & warm-season grasses.

Chlorothalonil Uses
In the US, the primary use of chlorothalonil is on peanuts, potatoes, and tomatoes. It is also used on golf courses and lawns, and other agricultural crops.

Chlorothalonil has been labeled a Category II toxin by the EPA, which translates to "moderately toxic". 
Chlorothalonil is non-toxic to birds but highly toxic to fish.

Products Containing Chlorothalonil:
Mold Ram
Docket DF - Generic Daconil Fungicide
Fung-onil Multi Purpose Fungicide Concentrate

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