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    Did what a professional exterminator could not!

    By J on 08/01/2016

    Had an exterminator come in twice, and each time found live and running bugs just hanging out in plain sight on my wall only hours after treatment, plus getting a ton of revenge bites the night immediately afterwards. After contacting the exterminators company repeatedly, they had the nerve to pin it on me in a report to my landlord that it's because I didn't prep my room correctly according to their instructions. Excuse me? How come the tech didn't say a thing both times he came in to do the treatment?? Anyway, I gave up trying to argue with them and took matters into my own hands after careful research. Note that I left my room prepped the exact same way (everything in plastic bags, etc.) throughout all this, exactly as what I had for the exterminator. - Neem oil sprays. This worked and killed the bugs on contact, but the smell made me sick and gave me severe headache for the first two days straight. I had open ventilation and a fan directly blowing on my head to avoid passing out. But it did seem to do the job? Zero new bites and zero live bugs hanging on the wall...until the smell dissipated in about seven days. Immediately afterwards I had a ton of tiny bites. This meant to me that either neem oil worked by the lingering fume (which I couldn't stand to reapply), or it killed the adults but couldn't kill the eggs (which was obviously unacceptable). - Cimi Shield Knock-Out. This took a huge bite out of my wallet, but turned out to be worth every penny. I was sold on the fact that it kills mechanically kind of like DE dust, but much more fast-acting - bugs die in under two minutes after direct exposure, or within a few hours of crawling through the residue even if you miss spraying them directly. And this residue is promised to last a whole year! (Though I can't attest to this part yet, since its only been a few weeks.) Plus, they weren't lying when they say this stuff is green - you're supposed to spray directly on the mattress and even the sheets, and then directly SLEEP on them, which I did without dying or noticing anything different! The spray made my room smell like soy sauce for a brief two hours (not at all unpleasant, kind of like the back of a restaurant) and completely dissipated afterwards. The residue is mostly invisible, but where it shows up it looks like a thin white powder. Not a problem that I mind at all, especially given this is the only thing we tried that yielded a litter of dead bugs around my bed the next morning, instead of live bugs partying on the wall after massacring me the night before. Here I am over two weeks after the initial spray, and still no sign of new bites or newly hatched bugs. I will keep my belongings bagged for another three months just to be safe, but I'm feeling confident that we've got a winner here. If anything changes in the future I will for sure update this review.

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    3year bedbug infestTion

    By Trish on 03/19/2014


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    Non staining???

    By A. on 10/10/2015

    This is an awesome product used in conjunction with other approaches to aleveate bed bug population. However You might want to review the non stain statement. This product does leave a white powdery residue look to darker surfaces. Just wanted others to know.

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    Used successfully to treat four bedrooms

    By Michael on 01/27/2020

    I used this stuff about five years ago to treat bed bugs in a rental property. Because we feared retaliation, we didn't want to get the landlord involved, but all of the professional exterminators wanted to charge us thousands to treat the house. Fortunately, I heard about Cimi-Shield from one of them and I did some research into it. It sounded perfect (almost too good to be true) so we ordered two gallons of it and proceeded to treat the carpet, upholstery, and bedspreads of all the bedrooms in the house, in addition to heat treating all bedding, clothing, etc. and using DE on non-upholstered areas of the house. Other loose items were placed in quarantine storage with insecticide for a month. I do have to say that you need to learn how to do proper application - it's not as simple just spraying and being done. You need to spray in a particular way, not too heavy, and let it properly dry before handling the material. It took about a day and a half to treat everything we wanted to get. In the weeks that followed I experienced one or two bites, and then nothing after that. We used this in conjunction with DE on the non-carpeted baseboards in the other parts of the house. I think we caught the infestation relatively early and the bugs had not spread to anywhere outside the bedrooms on the top floor, but to be safe we treated the living room furniture as well as the basement bedroom. About a month after treatment, we had a new tenant move in and she experienced a bite shortly after arriving. We treated her bedding and rug and the bugs did not return after that. I really cannot stress how wonderful this stuff is, though, like all treatments, I wouldn't put your faith solely in one thing - best if used in conjunction with other methods, and keep monitoring to be safe.

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    No better than anything else

    By Barbara on 08/29/2020

    I've been battling these little vampires since I moved into my house 2 years ago. I've tried literally everything. I believed the reviews, so I tried it. I prepared it as instructed, even bought a new cimi shield sprayer. For about 4 days everything was great. Within a week I was getting bites again (small ones). It's been 3 weeks now and I'm still seeing bites.

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