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  • Asked by Shirlieann from Washington
    Does this product come with 3 different sizes of traps?
    We own 14 acres of rolling pasture, in northern Washington state, in the mountains, the land is covered by large Gopher hills, and i mean covered, i understand that different areas have different size Gophers! Have no idea of the size's of the the Gophers but will assume they are varied! Your traps appear to be the best for us to use as we have pets and will have farm animals, want a set of traps that include small, medium and large traps, does this set have that?
    The Deluxe Kit-3 pack comes in 3 sizes but each pack comes with 3 of the same size trap. Here is a question we have been asked before regarding deciding trap size. Please let us know if you have any other questions.

    Question- How do I know what size trap?

    Answer- Find the tunnel, which means digging down past the mound and get to the tunnel that is parallel to the surface. That is the animals run or main tunnel. That is where you will be putting the trap. The jaws of the trap when set, should fit snug into the tunnel. It is better to get a slightly larger trap than your tunnel size than too small. Make sure the jaws are not resting at a bend in the tunnel, because then the animal can get around the trap as well.

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Displaying 1 to 1 (of 1 questions)