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John from Ny writes

Clothes moth infestation

We have an ongoing clothes moth infestation in my building (4 apartments). Each year as the temps rise they keep coming back, by the hundreds. They mostly fly around in the hallway, where we think they have their nest behind the walls, or underneath the roof space. The landlord hires inefficient cheap workers who come out and spray in the hallway (on the floor) with absolutely no result. Would a fogger like the CB PCO be able to get to their nest - which had not been located - but we assume it to be somewhere behind the walls?


The CB PCO Fogger with Pyrethrins would only kill what is out, exposed, and flying around at the time the fogger was activated. Unfortunately, the CB PCO Fogger wouldn't be able to kill anything that is back behind the wall or in inaccessible areas such as cracks or crevices. We would recommend you use the ProPest Pheronet Clothes Moth Traps. These traps will lure and kill webbing cloth moths, the most common type of clothes moth. This product is best used in conjunction with a crack and crevice aerosol to treat under and around baseboards and door frames in the infested area.  We recommend D-Force HPX Aerosol to treat these areas.  

Answer last updated on: 06/23/2014

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