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Confront Herbicide

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    Dave in LA

    By Dave on 04/30/2011

    Verified Purchase

    Results of Confront are amazing so far on Virginia Buttonweed. It has scoffed at other products and most kill large areas, whereas Confront has little collateral damage when used on a mixture of Bermuda and Centipede. The warmer days of spring seem to rapid the kill. I have fought this battle with this particular weed for 18 years and I must have missed the memo on "Confront." One application at 1 pt./A. or 4 tbls per 1 gal water in a pump sprayer (strong) is working fantastic for spot treatments. Now the final test of time to see if this pestilence comes back or is finally gone in the areas we have treated. Very, very happy so far!!!

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    Confront WORKS!

    By Michael on 08/30/2011

    Verified Purchase

    I used this on Virginia Buttonweed, and after 1 week it was completely gone! It destroyed some small areas of clover as well. I was skeptical at first due to the price, but it was so worth it. This is the only thing I know that works against virginia buttonweed.

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    See Ya Creeping Charlie!

    By Aimee on 05/31/2014

    I bought this to use in the fall of '13. Sprayed all of our accounts that had creeping charlie (and our property too, 1 acre of this nightmare). I am SOOOOOO happy to report it is GONE! BYE! It's June 2014 and it's gone!!! Do not miss you Mr.Creeping Charlie! My husband and I have a small landscape company that has been passed down 3 generations. Creeping Charlie wasn't around years ago and then it took off on our island. I have tried Trimec (doubling the douse) and many others. Trimec is great for your average weed but CC is a nightmare! Worse than Poison Ivy or Bittersweet Vine! Thank you for the best prices, free shipping and ZERO problems! I will order again from here again for sure!!! Thank you!!!

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    Excellent product

    By Paul on 03/23/2018

    Has controlled field bindweed better than anything I have used

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    Button Down the Virginia Weed!

    By Kevin on 09/24/2019

    11K SQFT Fescue. I took the advise from a UGA study and the other reviewer on this web site that Confront takes it to VBW. Upon receiving the Confront, my surfactant and blue dye, I looked at instructions only to see that VBW was not even listed. But I went ahead and tried it anyway, at the exact dosing amounts (19ml Confront, 16ml surfactant and 30ml Blue Lazer per two gallons of water if my memory serves me right) (Bought my syringes at vape shop. Highly recommend gloves and disposable tyvek suit due to the dye of all things! And the herbicide of course) Spot applied the product. Let it dry overnight and then watered next morn. Patience required here as it took about five days to see real results, but it really kicked VBW butt. Battle is won but war not over. VBW is so tough because it spreads underground, and from seeds and from clippings reconstituting itself. Says 4-6 weeks before RD2. I can see this taking three seasons to be rid forever. I have more than enough Confront to last. Lastly, I was not overly impressed with Confront on chickweed or spurge. Now onto to fight Dallisgrass! (w/ different weed killer)

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