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Dean from Iowa writes

Controlling quackgrass in Kentucky Bluegrass

The Michigan State University extension website says "If your lawn is primarily Kentucky bluegrass, there is a selective herbicide that will remove the quackgrass without killing the rest of your lawn. This product is only available to professional lawn care operators, and they need to make two applications on a 14-day interval. The name of the product is Certainty." However, your Q&A section includes an answer that says Certainty is not "labeled for use on Kentucky Bluegrass." Can you clarify the apparent disconnect?


Since we do not make this product we have to go by what the manufacturer supplies us with. Kentucky Bluegrass is not on the label so we have to assume it cannot be used on that type of grass. However, here is Monsanto's telephone number 800-332-3111. We recommend contacting Monsanto and speaking with the customer service agent there to verify if this product is safe for kentucky Bluegrass.

Answer last updated on: 05/02/2013

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