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Nikki from Casa Grande, Az writes

Could I just put the loose Kaput Rat & Mouse Bait anywhere I see activity?

I live next to open fields with a neighbor who has bird feeders, so I constantly have mice in my house. Can I just open the pouches and put the loose bait on a dish inside cabinets (not where food is stored, obviously) and other areas where I've seen activity? Or does it need to be contained inside a bait station? (Which I have never caught a single mouse in, ever.)


Rodenticides must be used in tamper-resistant stations or otherwise secured out-of-reach of non-target animals and children. We would not recommend applying Kaput Rat & Mouse Bait - 32 placepacks indoors. Here are the application recommendations:
Rats: 2 - 8 placepacks per bait placement in intervals of 15 - 30 feet in infested areas. Maintain a fresh supply of bait for 15 days. Mice: Open pack and apply 1/4 to 1/2 ounce of bait per placement at intervals of 8 to 12 feet. Maintain a fresh supply of bait for 15 days. Voles: Open pack and load one ounce (half of a pack) of bait into each bait station. Situate bait stations near runways, burrow openings or plants that voles have been damaging. Maintain a fresh supply of bait for 15 days. Use a tamper-resistant bait station when children, pets, or non-target wildlife are present.

When placing bait inside of tamper-resistant bait stations, the rodents can come and go out of them. You will not trap rodents in the stations unless you were to put a glueboard or snap trap inside of the station. 

For rodents inside, it is best to use snap traps and glueboards so you can control where they are going to die. You should also seal up all cracks and crevices where rodents may be able to enter the structure. Tamper-resistant bait stations with a rodenticide outside would also help if they are  coming and going. We have some guides here that can help as well

Answer last updated on: 03/03/2021

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