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Johnathan from Pendleton, Indiana writes

Could you explain by flushing a bag down the toilet, how it would be effective in clearing build up?


Per the product label, “The granular material is packaged in easy-to-use flushable bags that dissolve in the pipes, helping to prevent clogs between the home and the sewer or septic tank. Eco Clear also reduces organics and solids in septic tank effluent, decreasing surface scum by an average of 77% and bottom solids up to 40%. EcoClear’s natural bacteria produce enzymes that are scientifically proven to break down household waste. Enzymes include Lipase (oils & greases), Protease (foods such as meat), Amylase (starches) and Cellulase (paper, vegetables). Eco Clear is a preventative product and will not open drains that are fully closed or clogged.” Please review the product label for more information and complete instructions.

Answer last updated on: 03/10/2020

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