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What Do Crickets Look Like

By DoMyOwn staff

Physical Appearance

There are many different kinds of crickets. In general, crickets are said to look very similar to grasshoppers, with somewhat flattened bodies and long antennae.

  • Crickets may be brown to black in color.
  • Most species of crickets have wings that lay flat over the body.
  • Crickets have a set of longer hind legs used for jumping.
  • Crickets may be ½" to 1 ½" inches long.

Behavior & Habitat

Most species of crickets prefer to live outside, but may be attracted indoors by light when doors or windows are left open. House crickets are nocturnal, hiding during the day and becoming active at night.

Feeding Habits

Crickets feed on a variety of foods (fruits, vegetables and meats), fabrics (linen, rayon, cotton, wool, nylon, silk), and paper products (wallpaper, glue from book bindings).

Life Cycle

Life cycle varies with species, but most crickets have a life cycle of approximately one year.


One or two crickets in the home do not cause a threat, except for the potentially annoying "chirping" sound that it makes. Large populations can be a nuisance by congregating near lights, and can potentially cause damage to paper, fabric, and food products.

General Prevention & Control:

With a handheld sprayer, treat baseboards and perimeters, window and door frames with a contact residual such as Demon WP or Suspend.

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For more detailed information on Cricket prevention and control, see How to Get Rid of Crickets


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