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    Cynoff WP (Cypermethrin)

    By George on 02/18/2013

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    I was using RAID (Ant & Roach) aerosol spray, which is 0.1% imiprothrin, and Cypermethrin 0.1% with the balance 99.8 inert ingredients. I was very impressed with the effectiveness of this product, it kills instantly on contact. But is expensive. When I red that Cynoff was 40% cypermethrin, and comparing the price vs the gallons of product that the manufacturer sujests you can make, it seemed like a good idea. Altough I have a Masters degree in Analytical Chemistry and 35 years experience (retired), never for a moment doubted the product claims. I bought it and the Premium Pro Sprayer and disolved one scoop in 1-1/4 gal (full) water shook it, presurised it and went to work. Results, Absolutely, positively nothing. the roaches walked by bathe in it laughed at it and walked away. I suspected the reason, so I went and checked some MSDS's and there it was The solid Cypermethring is insoluble in water. (solubility is 99 mg/Lt) this is 99 thousands of 1 gr per Lt. So essentially you are spraying the roaches with water. No wonder it does not work. Cypermethring only disolves in organic solvents such as for example petroleum distillate. Absolutely flaberrgasted with the ignorance of the people who formulate the product. I intend to get a refund.

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