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Jess from Connecticut writes

Delta dust - anythying similar?

is there anything similar to delta dust that can be shipped to CT? Is this product safe to use with children or will it travel at all? We are thinking of using a dust in our attic (the kids dont go there, but it is attached through a door from our child's room). Looking at controlling, actually completely removing (hopefully) carpet beetle larvae.


You can purchase and use Evergreen dust for use in the attic in CT. The dust should not be broadcast over the entire attic. Instead you should concentrate on dusting the cracks, crevices and voids and other areas where these insects harbor. If you have vents that blow air through the attic and into the home caution should be used to take care the dust is not blown through the vents. To learn more about carpet beetle elimination, please take a few minutes to read our article : Carpet Beetle Pest Control

Answer last updated on: 10/10/2012

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