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Anon from Cincinnati, Oh writes

Delta Dust, Tempo Dust, or...?

We have a bed bug infestation in our apartment and the exterminator who's been spraying has mysteriously disappeared and his company no longer answers their phones, and the spray doesn't seem to be working at any rate. Is it okay to apply Delta Dust (which I already have) directly to our couch (which seems to be the most heavily infested) and other furniture, in addition to the crevicies and whatnot around the apt.? Or would Tempo Dust be better? I heard that the strain of Bed Bugs in Cincinnati have become resistant to Delta Dust. Would you recommend I get some Bedlam Plus as well? I have a plastic cover for my mattress, but that doesn't help us with the couch. The exterminator said we'd probably have to end up throwing the couch out. I don't want to do that as it was quite expensive. Also, do you have any further suggestions as to what we might do? Thanks you so very much!!


Some Bed Bugs strains have become resistant to pyrethroid insecticides like Tempo and Delta Dust. If you suspect a resistancy issue then a pyrethroid based insecticide would not be recommended. CimeXa Insecticide Dust is the newest product available in the battle against bed bugs. CimeXa Dust is 100% Silica dust (pyrethroid free), is very safe, odorless, and will not stain.  CimeXa Dust will last up to 10 years when applied to undisturbed areas like wall voids, or frames of some furniture such as couches. It is very effective on bed bugs, especially pyrethroid resistant bed bugs. When pests come into contact with CimeXa, the product clings to their exoskeleton and absorbs the waxy coating, causing death from dehydration. You would want to reat the interior framework, cracks and joints of the furniture, and the folds, tufts and edges of cushions and other upholstered areas.

Answer last updated on: 04/21/2014

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