Delta Five Bed Bug Monitoring System


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Delta Five Bed Bug Monitoring System
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Prevent bed bug infestations before they happen with the innovative Delta Five Bed Bug Monitoring System.  The compact Delta Five pest monitoring system alerts you to the presence of bed bugs and other insects.  Live monitoring and real-time alerts help prevent a few bed bugs from becoming an overwhelming infestation.

The Delta Five Bed Bug Monitoring System is great for use in home bedrooms, rental properties, vacation homes, hotels, dormitories, cruise ships, assisted living facilities, hospitals, and warehouses.

The Delta Five bed bug monitor is easily mounted in a discreet location, such as behind a bed frame. Connect the monitor to your Wi-Fi network for 24/7 pest monitoring.  Each monitor uses a combination of heat and a natural, odorless lure to attract bed bugs that are already in the room into the monitor’s chambers. When a pest enters the chamber, the system will take a full-color photo of the pest and immediately alert you through email and a customized dashboard.  Once you receive the alert, you can begin treatment knowing what pest to treat for and where to perform the treatment.

Each Delta Five Bed Bug Monitoring System includes:

  • 1 Wi-Fi Enabled Monitoring Device (with pre-attached adhesive mounting tape)
  • 1 Natural, Odorless 12-Month Lure (pre-installed in the monitor)
  • 1 USB Power Adapter
  • Block and Guide Tape
  • 1 Year of Monitoring and Personalized Dashboard Access

How Does Delta Five Work

  • Each Delta Five monitor is connected to a personalized monitoring dashboard via Wi-Fi. The system will constantly monitor for pest activity.
  • Owners can create a customized dashboard to check on their monitoring devices.
  • When a bed bug enters a Delta Five monitor, the system’s automated doors will close to trap the pest, take a full-color photo of the pest, and alert the owner via their personalized dashboard, or email.
  • The owner, now with the knowledge of the location and type of pest, can then begin a proper treatment program.


How to Install a Delta Five Device

Full details on how to setup your Delta Five Bed Bug Monitoring System can be found in the Account Setup & Installation Guide under Product Documents.

  1. Create an Account and add your device to your customized dashboard
  2. Power on the device and connect to your wireless network
  3. Mount the device to a wall with the included pre-installed adhesive tape. We suggest placing the device behind the headboard of a bed at box spring level, about 12 inches above the floor. The barcode of the device should be level with where the bed mattress and box spring meet.
  4. Place the block and guide tape on either side of the device, 20-30 degrees downward. This tape will intercept any bed bugs on the wall near the device and guide them to the chamber openings on either side of the device, blocking them from crawling toward the headboard of the bed. See the video below for further information.
  5. Slide the chamber doors (located on the left and right sides of the device) open.


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