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Cindy from Douglasville, Ga writes

Demand CS for evergreen bagworms? Buffering question

I have a horrible evergreen bagworm infestation on my arborvitae. We have been happy with Demand CS for perimeter control of other bugs around our home. a) will it work on the evergreen bagworms b) what ratio do I need to use when mixing c) should we be using a buffering agent in this case (or any case for that matter)? Thanks!


Yes, Demand CS will work well on the evergreens to kill bagworms. Apply Demand CS Insecticide when bagworm larvae begin to hatch. Spray directly on the larvae. Application is the most effective when the larvae are young. You would use 1.5–5 fl. oz. of the Demand CS per 100 gallons of water.

Answer last updated on: 07/15/2014

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