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Mary writes

Demon WP with allergic child

My son has an allergy to pyrethroids requiring ER treatment in the past. He was getting ill and sent home from school. I found out later they are spraying Demon WP inside several times a month. They spray in the bathroom and changing room via broadcast. Why would it be safe when dry if it can persist inside for 3 or more months? How can the area be cleaned, so my son will be safe at school?!! What is safer to use inside? The teacher also had severe breathing problems the last time they sprayed.


We can not give advice on sprays that would work for sensitive individuals or in schools. Each state and county have their own regulations that govern what they can and cannot use in schools. You can check with your local school board for their list of pesticides that can be used indoors. For more information on Demon WP and its use around sensitive individuals, you can contact the manufacturer Sygenta at 1-866-SYNGENTA.

Answer last updated on: 10/10/2010

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