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D-Force HPX Aerosol Product Review & Application

By DoMyOwn staff

D-Force HPX Aerosol Product Review & Application

 D-Force HPX Aerosol Product Review & Application Video Play

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Video Transcript

Hi, I'm Michael with Do My Own Pest Control. This is a product snapshot on D-Force HPX Aerosol. D-Force is a residual aerosol that is meant to be used in cracks and crevices for long term control. If you are purchasing a residual aerosol, these already come with straw nozzles installed. This is because you really just want to use the residual aerosol in cracks and crevices. To safely attach the straw to the nozzle, you'll want to remove the nozzle from the top of the can. This is for safety so it does not accidentally discharge while you're attaching the straw. Just grab the nozzle with your thumb and fore finger and pull directly up. When installing the straw, you want to hold the straw toward the very end and force it in the hole. It is an exact fit.  An easier way those is to take a pair of plyers and hole it right on the end of the straw and then force it in the hole, works everytime.  Once you have the straw attached the the nozzle, you'll need to reattach the nozzle back onto the can. We're going to go outside to demonstrate this, for safety.
We like you to go outside because in case it accidentally discharges, it doesn't get over something it shouldn't.  One, make sure the straw is facing away from your face, so it doesnt accidentally discard on to you. At the bottom of the spray nozzle is a hole, align it over the straw, point it at the ground, press firmly for a few seconds. The can will discharge, but as you can tell it takes a quick force to put the straw on the can.