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Michael from Miami, Fl writes

Difference between D-Force and HPX Invader?

I have bought the green aerosol can in the past called Invader HPX Residual with Propoxur, and it was great for cockroaches. Now I see a blue can called Invader, then another one called D-Force. Which one do you recommend and what and how are each product different?


D-force contains deltamethrin and Invader contains Propoxur. If you are dealing with a population of roaches that have been exposed to many pesticides in the past then the Invader would be the better choice because roaches have not shown any evidence of resistance to the propoxur. Additionally, when dealing with roaches we also recommend you use a roach bait gel and an insect growth regulator as a spray should only be used as part of your roach control program. Below is a link to an article that explains how to get rid of roaches quickly:

Answer last updated on: 02/20/2013

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