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DIY Lawn Pest Control

By DoMyOwn staff

Small pests can cause major damage to your lawn. Learn how to treat and prevent common lawn pests by watching the videos below.

How to Do a Granule Fire Ant Mound Drench Application
Ant infestations can be controlled using a drench application.
How to Kill & Get Rid of Fire Ants - Fire Ant Control & Treatment Instructions
Learn the numerous methods you can use to treat fire ants outdoors.
How to Get Rid of Crane Flies
Learn how and when to apply insecticide in your turf to control crane fly larvae.
Crane Fly Damage & Larvae Inspection
Make sure to inspect your yard before doing a crane fly treatment.
How to Get Rid of Gophers
Learn the basics behind trapping and baiting for gophers in your lawn.
How to Apply Gopher Repellent
Learn the best way to apply gopher repellent in your yard.
How to Inspect Your Yard for Gophers
Learn the key things to look for when checking for gophers.
How to Inspect Your Yard for Voles
Recognizing the surface runways created by voles will be the best indication of vole presence in your yard.
How to Get Rid of Voles
Trapping voles with simple snap-traps will be a very successful way to get rid of moderate vole populations.
How to Control Grubs in Your Lawn
Learn how grubs can be prevented and controlled before they wreak havok on your lawn.
How to Inspect for Lawn Grubs
In this video we will show you the basics of how to inspect your lawn for grubs.
How to Get Rid of Grubs
Make sure to use the methods here to get rid of grubs in your lawn.
How to Find Active Mole Tunnels
In this video, we will not only show you how to find a mole and the tunnels, but in which direction they are running.
How to Get Rid of Moles
Make sure to trap and bait for moles properly to eradicate them.
How to Check Your Lawn for Billbug Damage
You can sample spots in your yard to assess the billbug population and if it is worth treating.
How to Get Rid of Bluegrass Billbugs
Controlling billbug larvae early on is the best way to avoid damage from billbugs in your lawn.
How to Inspect for Chinch Bug Damage - Chinch Bug Inspection
In this video we will show you the two different ways to inspect for chinch bugs.
How to Get Rid of Chinch Bugs
In this video we will give you the basic tips on how to get rid of chinch bugs to keep your yard alive and thriving.
How to Get Rid of Mole Crickets
Controlling mole crickets soon after they hatch will help avoid extensive damage later in the year.
Mole Cricket Soap Flush Test
Performing a soap flush test is one of the best ways to make sure Mole Crickets are present in your yard.
How to Check for Sod Webworm Damage
If you suspect your lawn is being damaged by Sod Webworms, you can soak a portion of the yard with a soapy water solution.
Sod Webworm Treatment and Control
There are a few things to keep in mind when treating for sod webworms in your lawn.
How to Get Rid of Millipedes
A combination of insecticide and prevention methods can help you get rid of millipedes.