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Amy writes

Do I have to use Gentrol IGR if I’m already using Phantom Insecticide?

I’ve been recently noticing a little bit of a roach problem it isn’t horrible but I’d like to catch it before it gets there. I was going to hire an exterminator but someone told me to try Phantom Insecticide because that’s what exterminators use I ordered it already only problem is I’m not sure how to use it and reading certain things online has me a little confused. Do I have to mix it with water? Do I need to use Gentrol IGR with the Phantom Insecticide? Or can it be used alone?


Phantom Insecticide is a fantastic product when you need a delayed kill action from an insecticide. It allows the product to transfer from one bug to the next just from touch and grooming/food sharing habits to eliminate the colony at its source. With roaches, an IGR like Gentrolis important no matter what insecticide is being used as you need to stop the current population from being able to continue to grow in number and lay more eggs. When using a delayed kill product like Phantom, its even more crucial to use the IGR as they will have a longer time to live after crossing the insecticide barrier than they would with other insecticides, which means more time to progress in their life cycle and drop egg sacs. Phantom is used at the rate of 3 oz in 1 gallon of water, and you can mix 1 oz of Gentrol IGR Concentrate into the same gallon of solution. Anything you mix up should be used within 24-48 hours at most. 

Answer last updated on: 04/06/2021

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