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Do My Own Lawn Care - Meet My Lawn

By DoMyOwn staff

Are you in need of some serious lawn repair but don't want to hire an expensive lawn care company? Follow Paul on his journey as he learns how to do his own lawn care and turn his lawn into a luscious haven of healthy, green grass.

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Video Transcript

Paul: That sun is really bright. Hi I'm Paul, that's my house back there and this back here is my yard or lack thereof. No grass. Weeds. More weeds. Nothing but weeds. Lots and lots of moss, bare sports, pine cones not to mention the entire jungle in my backyard. I've always wanted a big beautiful green luscious lawn. The last house I lived in didn't have much of a yard, it took me all of maybe 10 minutes to mow it.

This house, however, has a much bigger lawn, but as already pointed out, it's chock full of weeds and I plan on remedying that. Now what's going to be unique about this is I don't have much experience of growing my own lawn. But fortunately for me, I work with somebody who does and that's this guy, say hi Heath.

Heath: Hi

Paul: Heath has over 20 years experience in the turf and ornamental business, so he kind of knows what he's talking about. I showed him my property, we sat down and we talked about formulating a game plan to start a rehab program for this yard. At the time of shooting this video, it's fall here in Georgia but it's hard to tell because it's eighty degrees outside. So I'm going to aim for a spring green up.

Before spring gets here, I'm going to tear out a lot of the old landscaping and trim a bunch of the trees. A lot of the trees around the property have just kind of gotten out of control and overgrown and started growing out over areas where grass could grow. So that's got to be taken care of, we're going to trim a lot of these back, take the tree canopies up a little bit and just get lid a lot of these overgrown limbs.

Eventually I'm going to take out all the bushes and monkey grass, get these off these windows in the front of the house, probably put like a garden bed in here. I'm not really sure but I just want to take out a lot of this old landscaping, just because it hasn't been maintained and it's just overgrown and kind of out of control and weeds are just grown all up in there. So it's just out with the old in with the new.

Same thing here, I want all this monkey grass to go, it just I don't know. I'm not a really big fan of it I would rather have grass, regular grass growing there, just have a nice full beautiful lawn and not have something separating it from the driveway. These Crape Myrtles in the front I'll keep, we'll just prune them up and make them look beautiful again and just keep those maintained, they haven't been maintained in a long time.

Same with a lot of these bushes that are around these Crape Myrtles, they just have not been maintained very well, so we'll start doing that now. Now the one thing I am going to need help with, is taken care of these trees. Let me see if I can get a shot of this. So here the limbs of this tree have just gotten way out of control as well. So there's not a whole lot going on this side of the driveway, besides a lot of the moss growing back here and just a mishmash of weeds throughout. But there's a lot of bare dirt especially right and here underneath these two trees.

Now these huge trees are kind of a natural dividing line between my yard and the neighbor's yard and if you see their yard, it's just bare dirt. Because these trees the limbs have gotten way out of control and they're shading this entire area. So I got to prune these down, trim it up, take the tree canopy up. And just clean it up so sunlight and air can get in there to have a chance for grass to grow.

But I can't do that myself, I'm going to need some help. It's probably going to upset a lot of people, I'm sorry but they got to go. Let me show you what I'm talking about, I've got these beautiful Crape Myrtles growing on the back side of the house. I mean they really are gorgeous, the blooms are absolutely beautiful. But the problem is, is they're growing in a way that it's like touching the house.

These bushes give you a great example why you don't want things growing up in the house. There's just cobwebs all in it and we find these little wispy spiders everywhere, throughout the house and I'm just getting tired of it. So again I'm sorry but they got to go, I'm just tired of seeing bugs everywhere and spiders all that kind of stuff. So I'm going to rip all these out get rid of them and that'll be an area where I throw down some new grass seed as well. So how do I plan on getting rid of them? Well that's the fun part. Just as a side note I had no idea that all the screens to my house were behind all that crap, this is the not so fun part. That was not as easy as it seemed.

Done. Done. Somewhat done. I know I said I was eventually going to take them out, but hey it's done!

All of this prep work is the first of many steps. We're not out of the woods yet, get it? Get it? We still got to take soil samples, figure out the square footage of the yard, figure out the grass seed we're going to use, put down some pre and post emergence. It's a long ways but we're going to get there.

To help me grow my own lawn, I not only have Heath, but I have an entire customer service staff that's going to help me out with the process. They're all very knowledgeable and they're trained professionally every year and kept up to date on all the best practices and products to use in and around your yard.

Speaking of help, check out our lawn guides by clicking on the link and description below or hit that little eye icon on the upper right hand corner of this video. If you like this video, give it the huge thumbs up. If you dislike this video, there's a button for that too. It's okay I'll still love you. Feel free to leave some comments, questions, concerns, hopes, aspirations, all that good stuff in the comments section below. Also make sure to subscribe to our channel and follow along with me as I try to grow my own lawn. Thanks for watching!