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Joseph from Pittsville, Va writes

Do I need to spray both sides of boards using Bora-Care if they are only 1 inch thick?

I just put board and batten siding on an outdoor shed. These boards were cut from green logs and put directly on the shed. Since the boards are only an inch thick, and Boracare penetrates more than that, is there really any need to spray it on both sides of the boards?


If you can treat all sides of the wood when applying Boracare, that is best. However, if you can only access one side, then it would still be recommended to apply two coats of Boracare at least 20 minutes apart. If the wood is still very fresh, then it is best to let it cure for at least a few days before applying Boracare.

Keep in mind that for prevention you can dilute Boracare at the 5:1 ratio with water, per the product label.

Answer last updated on: 01/25/2021

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