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Patricia from Sanford, Fl writes

Do you have Demon insecticide that will kill ants & termites inside the home?

My sister has the problem of the tiniest ants inside her house all over the counters and borders of the rooms, and also termites found in one of her rooms...My husband uses Demon insecticide that works for strayed roaches and ants outside our house and a few found inside our garage, but she needs it for termites also...will it help to kill them too?


We recommend that you use a non-repellent product when you are also dealing with termites or you risk scattering the colony and making the problem worse. Phantom would be a good choice for indoor control of ants and termites. Phantom is an indoor/outdoor termiticide and insecticide that kills termites, ants, cockroaches, and now bed bugs, through a powerful non-repellent active ingredient. Pests can't even detect Phantom, so they walk right over it and then spread it to other insects hidden behind walls or in their home colony, killing every other pest they come in contact with.  Phantom is virtually odorless, clear in color and provides superior pest control with a long-lasting residual.

Answer last updated on: 02/25/2013

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