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Mary writes

Do you recommend anything for Woodpecker Control?

We have real problems with wood peckers on the side of our house. Do you recommend anything for that? They continue to peck through the wood and pull out the insulation.


Since woodpeckers are a protected species and you can get fined for hurting or killing them, we do not carry any products labeled specifically for woodpeckers.  Most of the time woodpeckers are attacking your home because it is finding food under your siding, or insects.  Sometimes applying a liquid insecticide, like our Talstar product in the area where the bird is doing damage, will kill any pests behind the siding and therefore if there is no more food, the bird will go elsewhere.  The bird could also be targeting the area for nesting material since you stated it is pulling out insulation.  You can try other non-spraying methods by placing reflective tape in the area or a fake owl or other bird of prey to deter the woodpecker. 

Answer last updated on: 03/23/2010

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