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Jason from Garden Grove, Ca writes

Does Bonide Mosquito Beater WSP work for other aquatic insects?

Does Bonide Mosquito Beater work for other aquatic insects? Do the bacteria attack other aquatic flying insects - mayflies etc? We have a major gnat-swarm problem. We sprayed beneficial nematodes (Steinernema feltiae) on the landscaping, but then saw the hundreds of larva in the ponds. Do the nematodes function in water on such insects?


The Bonide Mosquito Beater WSP has only been tested for mosquito larva so we really don't know how well it would control any other aquatic insect larva. We are unaware of any product that is being marketed for gnat larva in water. We do not think the nematodes can be applied to water as they are a soil dwelling organism. Sorry we could not be of more help!

Answer last updated on: 03/26/2013

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