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Charles from Navy Lodge Norfolk Va writes

Does CB PCO Fogger kill bed bugs? I need a fogger.


While the CB PCO Fogger will kill exposed bedbugs it is not recommended for that use. When foggers are released they simply spray up into the air and then settle down onto surfaces, they do not penetrate into cracks and crevices where bedbugs actually hide. Using a fogger for bedbugs could also irritate the bedbugs and force them deeper into cracks and crevices or into wall voids making effective treatments much more difficult or impossible. There are no foggers on the market that are recommended for bedbugs for these reasons. There are no short cuts for treating bedbugs. You must use multiple products and follow the appropriate guidelines for treating individual items such as clothes, shoes, electronics, etc. We recommend using a bedbug control kit which will come with all of the products you need to do an effective bedbug treatment.

Answer last updated on: 11/04/2011

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