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Caroline from West Virginia writes

Does Demand CS NOT work for yellow jackets?

I'm wondering whether this is the wrong pesticide, or if the bottle I have is expired. Been spraying the stuff into place where many, many yellow jackets are entering and exiting (I think they must have a nest inside a pipe on the side of our house), as well as spraying directly on the insects, and it has zero effect. Scores of healthy yellow jackets before, during, and after spraying! I've never seen an insecticide sprayed directly on insects that didn't seem to affect them at all. Bewildered. Any suggestions?


Demand CS should kill Yellow Jackets after they come in contact with it, however it is not specifically labeled for them. This would not be our number one recommendation for Yellow Jackets because it can take some time to kill them. Please check out our article "How to Get Rid of Yellow Jackets". If you can get to the openings where the yellow jackets are coming in and out from, we highly recommend applying a dust like Tempo 1% Dust and when the yellow jacket comes in contact with it, the dust will transfer from yellow jacket to yellow jacket and kill off the entire nest.

Answer last updated on: 09/28/2015

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