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Mickey from Washington Missouri writes

Does Demon WP kill huge house centipedes and spiders?

If so, how long does it take? I used DE all over my apartment and it did not work and now a infestation is apartment and it's literally driving me out of my apartment. These things are huge and I have not seen one dead one but find evidence that it appears to be centipedes or huge spiders I'm ready to leave everything I own and walk out for good. Please help me the little ones are biting me while I sleep and get in my hair. I find wads of my hair spiraled into little balls all over my apartment in my clothes. I can not afford an exterminator and I am at my wits end. PLEASE HELP ME


Demon WP is labeled to treat centipedes and spiders. It doesn't sound like you are treating for centipedes or spiders based on the description you provided. Please contact one of our experts for free advice at toll-free 866.581.7378 M-F 9-5PM EST.

Answer last updated on: 03/06/2014

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