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Susan from Orange, Ct writes

Does Diatomaceous Earth kill ticks?

I was told by a friend that it would kill ticks but I am unsure as to how much you have to put down. I have an acre and would like to cover the entire acre with a little margin all around. Do you have to do anything special to keep your dog safe while it is there and do you have to inform your neighbors that you have put it down? One neighbor hires goats to clear his weeds. Would it hurt the goats?


Diatomaceous Earth is labeled for ticks and other crawling insects and can definitely help. Keep in mind that a dust is only effective as long as it is present and dry, though. So using it outdoors can be a lot of work that is no longer helpful once there is a lot of wind or rainfall. Also, because it is slow acting you will most likely need to treat with another product first to help get the ticks under control. As long as it hasn't been misused or overused then the Diatomaceous Earth 85% is completely safe for pets, including dogs and goats. Please take a few moments to review our article How to Get Rid of Ticks for more information.

Answer last updated on: 11/15/2020

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