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Bruno writes

Does dilution of Bifen IT matter for lawn application?

I plan to use Bifen on my lawn. Does the amount of water matter as long as I get the appropriate amount of product per 1000 sq ft? I know it's 1 oz per gallon per 1000 sq ft, but does the amount of water really matter as long as I get 1oz per 1000 sq ft?


It will depend on what you are applying it for. For instance, if you are trying to control insects that walk on the blades of grass or around the thatch layer, if you use too much water, you could push all of the product below the thatch and those insects may not be affected by the application. If you are targeting insects that are below the thatch such as chinch bugs, more water can help you get the water where you need it to be. Please refer to the Bifen IT product label for complete instructions on your target pest.

Answer last updated on: 04/05/2021

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