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Torey writes

Does Evergreen Pyrethrum Dust have a long-lasting effect against all insects and does it work as a residual treatment?

Could it work underneath steam hot water pipes which is the main area where the bugs in my home reside such as pillbugs, silverfish, centipede, etc?


Evergreen Pyrethrum Dust will last up to 8 months and provide long lasting residual protection on just about any insect that walks over it.  The main concern is that if you apply it where there is moisture than it can lose some of its potency and turn clumpy.  It is not water resistant.  It can be applied underneath water pipes (unless they are leaking or dripping) and just about any other avenue that insects use to gain entry. Delta Dust may be more suited to your needs. Delta Dust is water proof and provide the same results as Evergreen Pyrethrum Dust.

Answer last updated on: 09/17/2009

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