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Rich from Columbus, Ohio writes

Does mixing Gentrol IGR concentrate with Phantom reduce Phantom's "nonrepellency" for cockroaches?

We hopefully have a light/moderate roach infestation - we maybe see 2-3 roaches a week. We are already planning on using Advion Roach Bait Gel, but we'd like to also use Phantom and Gentrol IGR concentrate as a liquid mix to do baseboards, under appliances, sink cabinets, attic areas, and basement bandboards. However, here's a technical question: 1.) Will adding Gentrol IGR to Phantom, make the Phantom detectable to the roaches and make them not want to touch it?, 2.) Will spraying the Gentrol IGR / Phantom mix near our Advion Roach Bait drops cause the roaches to avoid the bait?, and 3.) We won't spray the mix on top of the Advion drops, but pretty near it (e.g., along the bottom of sink cabinets, yet put Advion bait 1 foot above this area around the sink plumbing?). Could you advise?


Adding Gentrol IGR to Phantom will not change the non-repellency of Phantom. You should not apply the Advion and the Phantom/Gentrol in the same exact places. Keep the Advion up high around counter tops, in cabinets and drawers and in other cracks or crevices where it would not be appropriate to spray. Keep sprays around baseboards, moldings, door frames, window frames and under appliances. The Advion Bait will not be contaminated as long as you do not spray it directly with the Phantom/Gentrol dilution.

Answer last updated on: 05/15/2012

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