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Larry from Texas writes

Does Pastora Herbicide kill bahiagrass?


Yes, Pastora Herbicide is labeled for bahiagrass.  The label states the following: Pensacola bahiagrass: Apply Pastora® Herbicide at 1.25 to 1.5 ounces per acre after greenup in the spring but before bahiagrass seedhead formation. Apply when moisture is sufficient to enhance grass growth.  Pastora® Herbicide is very effective for removal of bahiagrass from bermudagrass pastures. In highly infested pastures, the use of Pastora® Herbicide can clear the areas of useful forage until the bermudagrass has time to cover the area. Therefore, Pastora® Herbicide treatments should be spread out over a period of years. Do not apply to an entire farm or ranch in one year. Fertilization (particularly with nitrogen and potassium) and/or replanting may accelerate the process of reestablishment of bermudagrass. Under heavy bahiagrass pressure, grazing pressure, or adverse weather conditions (heat and drought), bahiagrass regrowth may occur. Do not use Pastora® Herbicide for the control of common or Argentine bahiagrass. Also, do not apply Pastora® Herbicide in liquid fertilizer solutions for Pensacola bahiagrass control, as poor control and/or regrowth may occur

Answer last updated on: 08/23/2018

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