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Isaiah from Woodland Hills, Ca writes

Does Suspend get rid of rat mites?

Does suspend get rid of Rat Mites ?


Suspend SC is not labeled specifically for rodent mites. The easiest method to control rodent mites that have entered your home is to physically remove them with a vacuum cleaner or wipe them up with a moist cloth. Mites are not automatically killed by a vacuum cleaner so freeze the bag to prevent the mites from crawling back out.

Locating the source and eliminating the hosts and nests is important to prevent further problems with these mites. Nests are usually located in attics, basements, or inside walls. If necessary, trap them with kill traps or glue boards. Spray the dead rat and its nest with a disinfectant. Removing the mite source (dead mice, rats, and abandoned nests) is very important. Unless you remove their source, rat mites will continue to seek human host infesting your house.

Answer last updated on: 03/05/2019

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