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Paul from Caledonia, Illinois writes

Does Suspend SC kill wasps instantly and how does the residual work and for how long?

How often should it be applied as a house perimiter? When can results be expected for wasp elimination?


Suspend SC does not provide an instant knockdown. Suspend SC will kill wasps and other insects over a period of several hours after they contact treated areas. Suspend SC will leave a residual that will last up to 4 weeks outdoors and up to 12 weeks indoors. If you can directly treat a wasp nest you can expect the colony to be eliminated within several days. If you cannot directly treat the nest you will only be able to eliminate those wasps that are landing on the treated areas and you may not be able to gain 100% control. If you are indeed treating outdoors and within 2 feet of your home you may want to consider using Termidor SC. Termidor SC is a bit different than Suspend SC in that it can be transferred back to the wasps nest and through their normal social interactions they will spread the product through the nest. This product can take a week or two to eliminate the nest and it does not offer an instant knockdown. If you prefer an instant knockdown we do carry Wasp Freeze and Wasp X.

Answer last updated on: 07/18/2012

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