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Layla writes

Does the Alpine Ant and Termite Foam go into the wall as a foam and then turn to powder?

Is the main ingredient boric acid? I recently saw on TV someone using a spray for ants that goes into the wall and becomes a powder which is brought back to the nest. I thought they said it was Boric Acid powder and environmentally friendly.


The Alpine Ant and Termite Foam does go into wall voids but it does not turn into a powder, it actually becomes a clear residual product once it dries that can be picked up by ants and termites and taken back to the nest.  The active ingredient is Dinotefuran .025%, not boric acid powder.  Alpine is very environmentally friendly.  We do carry a Boric Acid Powder dust called CB Borid Boric Acid Dust which would fit the description of what you are describing.

Answer last updated on: 01/23/2010

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