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Tony from Trenton, Nj writes

Does the Gentrol Point Source actually attract roaches or increase sightings when fresh ones are placed?

After sealing my house up fairly well from the attached neighbors, and seeing no activity for a month or so, I stopped baiting with Advion but continued to deploy the Point Source discs. I seem to notice more activity (1 or 2) when fresh point sources are placed in my kitchen. Does the point source actually attract roaches to them? And if I see no activity via sticky traps should I stop deploying them?


Gentrol Point Source Stations do not have any kind of attractant in them. Once activated, each Point Source Station releases the Insect Growth Regulator slowly over 90 days, treating up to 75 square feet. If you stopped using other products and you are still seeing roaches, that would explain a potential increase since you are no longer controlling the adult insects with just the IGR. You do not need to continue using the Gentrol Point Source Stations for roaches if you are no longer finding any roaches in the area.

Answer last updated on: 02/18/2021

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