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Laura from Franklin, Tn writes

Does the Koppert Ervipar (Aphidius ervi pupae) control wasp nests?

This product popped up with a wasp elimination search. There is no notation in the description that the Koppert Ervipar is effective to eliminate wasps. Can you explain if it is effective? We have several wasps' nests at our home that are located in gutters, which are very difficult to access.


The Koppert Ervipar (Aphidius ervi pupae) are live parasitic wasps which are natural parasites of aphids. We apologize for any confusion. The listing would have appeared because these are, in fact, live wasps. If you have wasp nests to treat which are up high where they are difficult to reach, then we would recommend applying Tempo 1% Dust using the Dustick Duster, which has extension poles to reach up to 21 feet. Alternatively, you can apply Wasp-X Aerosol in short, 1 second bursts to kill insects on contact and to leave a residual around and/or inside the nest. Wasp-X will spray up to 20 feet.

Answer last updated on: 09/10/2015

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