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Stacey writes

Does the Talstar Granular Insecticide also help control termites?


No, Talstar Xtra Granules would not be a good option when treating for termites.  Talstar Xtra Granules and other liquid products that are meant for pest control are applied to the surface of the ground and are really only meant for treating insects that walk across the ground.  Termites enter the home from underground and never make it to the surface of the ground.  Therefore, they never come into contact with the product on the surface.  For proper termite protection, you have to dig a trench and place product in the trench or under the ground.  For treating termites, we recommend Dominion 2L which is one of our best sellers for professional termite protection.  You should also read our "How to do a Termite Treatment" article which will explain exactly how to treat for termites just like a professional company would.

Answer last updated on: 03/14/2010

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