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Joseph from Port Richey, Florida writes

Does this Residual Fogger work well on German roaches?

I moved and my girlfriend wanted to keep the refrigerator we had in our old apartment. Turns out it had roaches in it and now the refrigerator, which is sitting in our garage, is apparently a hub for them. She still wants the fridge so if there is a way to kill them before they spread to the rest of the house, I'm all ears. I am hoping this will be a step in that direction.


Aerosol Foggers such as Residual Fogger can be used to treat the garage however will only kill roaches that are out when it is going off and can leave a residual to keep killing those that contact a treated area only for a few weeks after.  It will not effect those that hide and do not come out. Roaches, especially German Roaches require a combination of products and repeat treatments to fully eradicate. Roaches will nest in appliances for the heat source, this is common. Since you cannot spray into the fridge or electrical panels, we recommend using bait to lure them out of the refrigerator.  We would recommend one of our roach control kits. You can see the kits by clicking on the link here. We also have a great article for eliminating them.

Answer last updated on: 04/05/2020

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