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Do-It-Yourself Termite Control - Methods Overview

By DoMyOwn staff

Termite pest control can be costly but with the expert advice and professional products at, you can find everything you need to do it yourself. This video provides an overview of do-it-yourself termite control products and methods.

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Video Transcript

“Termite pest control services can be costly and that's why we sell everything you need to do it yourself. Most companies will charge about $1,500 to do a treatment. You can easily save that money with our expert advice and professional products. Termite control products come in two major categories: Liquid Termiticide and Bait Systems. 

Liquid termite products are concentrated formulas which are mixed with water and applied around the foundation of your home in a trench or drilled holes if you have concrete areas around your foundation.  Liquid termite treatments build a barrier to help keep termites out of your home or structure, and requires less maintenance over time. Depending on the liquid termite product you choose, most treatments only need to be repeated every 7-10 years.  

The second category, Termite Bait Systems are comprised of monitoring stations spaced at intervals around the perimeter of your home. Each station holds an inspection cartridge which can be replace with a deadly termite bait if termites are detected. Bait stations should be checked quarterly for termite activity. 

These systems can help you identify a problem before the termites invade the structure of your home. Bait systems are a great choice when a liquid termite barrier is not appropriate or when the use of chemicals in the ground is not desired. 

The benefit of using a termite bait system is no drilling or trenching is needed, and no expensive equipment is required. And it's that easy with the expert help from Make sure to subscribe to our channel for more instructional videos.”