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Jim writes

Dominion 2L for new construction on concrete slab

I am clearing a lot for a new house, and I will be pouring the foundation concrete slab (about 2,500 sq ft) soon. I'd like to apply Dominion 2L to the soil before pouring the slab. Can Dominion 2L be applied using a hose end sprayer? I'm looking at 250 gallons of mix at 1 gal per 10 sq ft and doing this task with a 2 gal garden hand sprayer is overwhelming. If a hose end spray application is okay, what special precautions or procedure should I use?


You could definitely use a hose end sprayer for a pre-treat application if you have nothing larger to use.  Some of our customers also use a 5 gallon bucket and pour the 5 gallons over 50 square foot sections which will be much faster than using a hand pump sprayer which comes out slowly.  It is very important to apply more around the perimeter edges of the slab, around plumbing pipes that will come through the slab, and along expansion joints if you know where they will be.  Since these are the more likely entry points of termites you want to make sure you treat more heavily around these areas.  You should take general precautions when applying any product which would be to wear gloves, protect your eyes if it is windy, and treat only in the designated area where your slab will be poured.

Answer last updated on: 09/08/2010

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