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Janet writes

Drill at an angle towards the house?

How steep would you recommend this "angle"? I was about to start my drilling project for Termidor SC but I did not notice any "angle" instructions on the termite instructions page. I assumed you drill directly straight down into the floor which is what I see in many youtube videos as well. Being only 3 inches away from the wall, wouldn't drilling at an angle risk hitting the wall or whatever is underneath the wall's foundation? I also noticed you mention by going every 12 inches between holes it may still leave a risk of having gaps untreated. To what point is there "too many" holes leaving it unnecessary, is there a specific number you recommend that is smaller than 12 inches apart?


Typically holes are drilled straight down through the concrete when using a drill bit like the SDS and not at an angle.  I would not recommend drilling at an angle.  Holes should be about 2 inches off of the wall and NO MORE than 12 inches apart.  But the closer the better obviously.  I recommend about every 10 inches apart, but if you have the patience to drill every 6 inches or whatever you like, you will definitely increase the effectiveness of the application.

Answer last updated on: 08/03/2012

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