Pest Control Dusters

Insecticide dusts get into the cracks and crevices liquid insecticides miss to control small pests in and around the home. Dusters distribute insecticide dust into voids around a property. Our range of dusters cover all pest control needs, from hand dusters to dusters that can reach over 20 feet tall. 

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A portable power duster with fixed flow rate for revolutionized versatility.
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Dustick Scraper Attachment is a part for the Dustick Duster.
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A replacement bottle that is designed for granular or dust applications.
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A 2-section pole that measures 15.5 inches when collapsed and can extend up to 23 inches.
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A pack of 6 oz. canisters for the Exacticide dusters for replacements or to save time by pre-filling the canisters before each job application.
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This is ONLY the Brass Pump for the Dustick Duster.
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Dustick Aerosol Attachment is a part for the Dustick Duster.
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Replacement battery for the Bug Duster battery powered dust applicator.
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A hand duster that provides professional dusting innovation to make dust applications easier.
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20-foot extension pole for hard to reach spots. May be used with duster heads or scrapers.
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A discharge unit for B&G Electric Duster M2250.
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The adapter that connects to the Dustick Pump assembly.
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B&G Electric Duster M2250 - 220 Volt/240 Volt (15015610) is a great way to apply dust automatically.
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A VersaDuster extension kit with 2 extensions and 1 straw tip.
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A charger for the Bug Duster Battery Powered Applicator.
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Replacement poles for the Dustick Duster.

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