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    Smells nice...

    By Sherry on 12/04/2010

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    That's about all I can say about this stuff. I mixed the strongest dosage, and sprayed the garage which was pretty much infested with spiders. I live in a log home, and it was empty for nearly a year before we moved in, so you can imagine. It did kill some spiders and other bugs, but some of the others just dried themselves off and laughed at me. Amazingly, one of the most resilient spider was the daddy-long-legs... I waited for a few days as suggested by customer service, and they were alive and well until I soaked them with Raid. It smells nice (as pesticides go) and I believe it may be a better repellent than insecticide. Not sure I could recommend this product.

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Displaying 1 to 1 (of 1 reviews)