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Fall Lawn Care

By DoMyOwn staff

Maintain and protect your lawn from weeds and disease with proper fall lawn care.

How to Apply Fall Pre-Emergents with Fall Fertilizers
Get a healthy lawn leading into winter by feeding your fall lawn correctly!
Know When to Overseed with Pre Emergent and Post Emergent Herbicides
Learn how overseeding works when applying pre and post emergent applications.
Why Should I Apply Fall Pre Emergent Herbicides?  - Weed Prevention Tips
Getting a fall pre-emergent application down in time will prevent winter weeds and save you time and money.
Do My Own Lawn Care - Fall Lawn Tip
Paul discusses some fall lawn care tips.
What is the Best Time to Plant Grass Seed? - Fall Lawn Tips
The best time to plant grass seed depends on your grass type, location, and soil & air temperatures.
How to Use Soil Kit
Soil Kit helps in considering what fertilizer, lime, or nutrients are needed for healthier soil.
Do My Own Lawn Care - More Fall Lawn Tips
Paul discusses some tips to keep your lawn healthy through the Fall.
Do My Own Lawn Care - Fall Pre-Emergent Application
Fall is around the corner, which means it's time for Pre-Emergents.
Using Fall Pre-Emergents with Fall Post-Emergents
Post-Emergents are an essential part of a full lawn care plan, and must be implemented for complete weed control.
How to Mow a Lawn - Lawn Mowing Tips
Proper mowing height, frequency, and pattern all play a part in lawn health. Learn how to mow your lawn the right way.
How to Use Pendulum 2G Granular Pre Emergent Herbicide
The active ingredient, Pendimethalin, helps control grassy and broadleaf weeds in turf and over 300 ornamentals.
How to Water Your Lawn Lawn Watering Tips
Learn how to water properly so your lawn can thrive with our basic lawn watering tips.
What about my Lawn During the Winter?  - Dormant Lawn Care Tips
What can be done in your lawn during the winter months? In this video, we'll walk you through some winter lawn care tips to keep your lawn healthy leading into spring.
Do My Own Lawn Care - How to Winterize your Yard
In this video, Paul will go more in depth as to what winterizing your yard consists of.